Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Investing in Gold

The Midas Touch: Is Gold Worth Investing In?

Gold's Track Record

Research shows that for the most part in the last 100 years gold hasn't provided a completely steady investment. It usually has bursts of growth but for the most part it hasn't shown extremely high level of return on investment. However in the past Gold has usually mirrored the price of other commodities, such as oil. With oil prices gold could be a good investment however that is just one factor out of many which is why I choose to research this topic more in depth. 

The Value of Gold: Why is it Important?

I had basic knowledge on the subject however I wanted to delve further into the subject to see what factors influenced gold and if it would be a good investment in our current times today. Being in a recession had led for the most part low return on most traditional investments in the stock market. I wanted to look into more unique methods of investing money to see if there were still efficient ways to increase your personal wealth, which as a business student is of pretty large importance to me. 

Gold is a Good Bet

I would start this section with basic research about the positive aspects of Gold which got me interested in the subject. Discussing how gold doesn't get taxed in Maryland and how Gold is fairly steady and doesn't have too much volatility. Then depending on what info I get from my expert on whether or not Gold is a good bet I would talk about why you should or shouldn't invest in Gold. If i get a negative response I would start the section with facts about why Gold is a bad investment instead of a good one.

The Public's Perception of Gold

I would start with articles I found with people talking about how they felt about Gold and use there quotes. Then I would embed audioboo's I got from non experts talking about whether or not they would invest in gold and how they felt about it. 

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